Where do you blog from?

I’ve seen this before on blogs where bloggers post a pic of where they typically write. I think it’s kind of a fun idea. If I’m home, I pretty much do all my writing in my trusty, dusty leather chair. Lately, my little area of the family room was becoming very unorganized with books and usb cables strewn about. With some encouragement from my lovely, patient wife, I decided to employ a newly purchased lamp stand in order to tidy things up. And as an added bonus, I can now actually see what I’m reading.

So if you blog, show us all where! Either post a link in the comment section or post a pic on your own blog and trackback to this post.


6 thoughts on “Where do you blog from?

  1. I had one young guy from my youth group go to Westmont College and then mysteriously disappear for a few years for D.C. to work for the Fellowshit. He never would tell us exactly what he did…

  2. yeah, tony. the whole deal is super creepy. it’s all about being under the radar and behind the scenes. i can only imagine what their reaction to this book was. This author pulled one over on them bigtime.

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