Yo McCain?! Is You Tweakin’?!

I think this might be Obama’s most effective ad yet. It’s fascinating that a candidate with such massive wealth, who’s wife thinks that private jet is the only way to get around the fine state of Arizona, and who owns 8 homes has the gaul to complain that Barack Obama is an out-of-touch elitist who’s concerned about the price of arugula? Straight talk indeed. I think Obama should borrow a phrase from R. Kelly (naughty word alert) and start the “Real Talk” Express. McCain needs to get some Real Talk.


7 thoughts on “Yo McCain?! Is You Tweakin’?!

  1. While I agree that this very well might be a very effective ad for Obama, it seems kind of disingenuous when millionaires start calling-out other millionaires for being wealthy.

    It was disingenuous when Bush did it to Kerry. Its disingenuous when Obama does it to McCain.

    None-the-less, its sure to be a beneficial ad for Obama… especially with the rural blue-collar workers he needs to sure-up his appeal with.

  2. To be fair, I don’t think Obama is criticizing McCain for being rich. He’s criticizing him for being out of touch. Obama never criticized the Clintons after they released their tax returns. He didn’t criticize John Edwards for his expensive hair cuts. Obviously, the vast majority of politicians are very wealthy and I agree with you that that alone shouldn’t be a point of contention.

    But my point here is that if you are going to criticize someone for being an elitist because they commented on the price of arugula, then you’ve opened yourself up to these kinds of counter-attacks, especially when you believe the economy is in good shape, while at the same time you can’t recall how many homes you own. Is that not a fair point to be made?

  3. The icing on the cake was when McCain said he “would have someone on his staff find out”. When you need the “staff” to count your houses your out of touch.

  4. One rich man calling another rich man “rich”. One politician calling another politician out of touch with struggling families.

    What’s new?

    How many modern era presidents have we had run for president who haven’t been rich, and who haven’t been somewhat out of touch? I appreciate the fact that McCain answered the way he did instead of guessing, and/or taking a rabbit trail. There are massive problems in our economy, and there are some strong fundamentals. I am so sick of the housing crisis being played up. It is a problem?…Sure. Do I feel sorry for everyone who got in over their heads?…Hell no. Do I think that business and/or homeowners who made bad decision should be “bailed out” by our .gov?…Hell no.

  5. McCain has a good reason for needing to get with his staff about the houses besides the fact that the interviewer obviously seemed to be trying to needle him with a “gotcha”. ‘John McCain’ owns 3 houses jointly with Cindy… but the McCains have 7 houses? Yes, the other 4 houses are the sole property of Cindy McCain. Daddy Hensley was a very nervous millionaire and made the couple have a pre-nup which keeps all their finances seperate, so even John McCain doesn’t not what all his wife’s financial assets are.

    After Obama saying they wouldn’t go after each other wives I considered this a low blow. But I’m sure low blows are worth it because as the above poster said it can be twisted to make John McCain look out of touch (Just like the abuse of his 5 million comment from the Saddleback forum)

    Welcome to the “New Politics”, otherwise known as your regular old dirty Chicago politics.

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