McLaren and Land Dialogue

My internet is crawling so I haven’t seen this yet, but I figured it had to be pretty interesting. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “McLaren and Land Dialogue

  1. I was impressed with Land, that he’d even be willing to have an open discussion with Brian like this and focus primarily on areas of common ground.

    Land definitely laid it on thick on the subject of Christian leaders being “manipulated” by political parties. Brian’s response: “I couldn’t agree more.” I’m sure that’ll be viewed by some as hypocritical because of Brian’s vocal support for Obama, but those people are either oblivious to or simply ignoring/discounting Brian’s clearly stated position of “prophetic distance” in his support for Obama.

  2. Yeah, Steve, I was really impressed by Land as well. I like that while I’m sure he has his share of disagreements with Brian, he wanted to discuss their common ground and that was refreshing. I definitely have a different opinion of him after giving this a listen.

  3. I second that. I was really impressed by Land. I have not been exposed to much of his thought, outside of knowing he was tied to the SBC. Loved that he started on common ground with a genuine spirit of generosity. It’ll be interesting to see where this conversation goes.

  4. What makes me sad is every time I see Richard Land (CNN,MSNBC etc.) he never looks happy. He always looks weighed down and kind of sad or angry. He may be %100 correct but he always looks like he just smelled a fart. It’s interesting to contrast their countenance in this video.

  5. this was the best thing i have seen in a long time. i have more respect for both individuals because of this. i love the goal of getting christians to take charge of our roles in society by not letting politics drive us to opposite ends. i have seen richard land speak on shows before and i always thought he was well spoken but it always seemed like he was thrown into the middle of something that would make his comments look out of context. i especially appreciate him sharing his experiences and values in the position that he holds. he said alot of things that help clear up some frustrations that i have with our political situation in this country.

    this is very encouraging. i hope that there are more of these and maybe with different people under the same series or something.

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