Divine Creativity

Understandably, many devout religious believers have rejected evolution because the process has been depicted as random, meaningless, mechanistic, and godless. The growing edge of evolutionary thinking today, both scientifically and theologically, points to a very different understanding of the Cosmos and a far more realistic picture of divine creativity. We encounter a Universe astonishingly well suited for life and our kind of consciousness. Scientists themselves are moving away from a mechanistic, or design, way of thinking and into an emergent, developmental worldview. Evolution from this perspective (to use traditional Christian language) can be embraced as “God glorifying” and “Christ edifying.”

— Michael Dowd, Thank God for Evolution!

3 thoughts on “Divine Creativity

  1. so….what is the idea that is now being discussed? this paragraph didn’t say much about what it is that is being suggested.

    the classic creation vs. evolution debate will never be settled. this seems like someone trying to offer a middle ground to appease both sides. the mistake a lot of christians make is trying to hard to figure out how and when. the creation story only gives us the who and why.

    wouldn’t adaptation be a better word for what this guy is suggesting?

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