Focus on Becoming Totally Irrelevant

If you contribute to Focus on the Family, it must be nice to know your supporting garbage like this. And if they were praying for rain at McCain event, it would be just as asinine. They will know we are Christians by our total ridiculousness.


25 thoughts on “Focus on Becoming Totally Irrelevant

  1. So it’s all about the gays and the anti-abortion agenda. That’s it. God’s wisdom has nothing to do with wars, rumors of wars, the poor, the widow, the orphan (for whom the anti-abortion agenda says nothing), etc. Good call.

    Fodder for Hitchens and the rest of the angry non-Christians in the world. What an eediot.

  2. ::sigh::

    2 thoughts:

    1) i think that that we should pray for rain. as an obama supporter, with family not too far away from denver ( ft collins ) , i think that it would show our dedication by standing in the non-canned-ham-sized-hail. dedication , not only to obama, but to the cause of unity and move past all the bullshit.

    2) i’m reminded of this pedro the lion lyric:
    “I feel the darkness growing as you cram light down my throat”.
    It’s almost as if there is a culture of people , trying to live above reproach, intentionally or unintentionally , and becoming white-washed tombs in the process.

    Time to go try and find some new brave saint saturn songs…


  3. *knotter*, I don’t know where you live but I live in Abbotsford B.C., the heart of the Canadian Bible Belt, and this sort of jackassery is all too common. You are apparently far luckier than I.

    *Zach*: Thanks for sharing this. You see, I’m gay, and this group and people like them have been doing their utmost to make me and everyone like me feel miserable, whether through emotional bullying or through their efforts to prevent us from becoming equal citizens of our respective countries. I say this so that you might understand exactly how pleased I am to see these people shown for the morons they really are. The fact that they are doing it to themselves makes it that much better.

    While on this topic, I’d like to thank you for what you have said in the past concerning gay people. Your words are very much appreciated.

  4. Once again, I am amazed at the crap that actually comes out of some people’s mouths… especially the Religious Right. Pure, unadulterated, hypocritical crap. Talk about using God’s name in vain [or using it for purposes that God would not intend]…

    Would it be wrong to pray for a little smiting, perhaps? Hhhmmm.

  5. Could we instead spend our time and energy praying for rain for the large number of people suffering from drought and famine worldwide? They might need it a little more…

  6. *Joel*,

    in my experience, the religious right as a movement generally fails to get upset about anything outside of its hot button issues. I know religious right-wingers who aren’t like that one bit, but they seem to be very much in the minority. I freely admit that I’m biased, though.

  7. here’s something that i heard a couple weeks ago that really expose our view of politics. i always listen to ravi zacharias and he was talking about being frustrated watching the news and he realized what has been happening in politics. here it is: we moralize about politics and politicize about morals. it doesn’t matter what side of the vote you are on neither side has a leg up on morals or faith. the quicker we realized that the more we will be able to accomplish as the church. i am not a fan of the dobson stuff, but it’s not right either to claim that the opposite is any more moral or focused on faith or justice.
    i really think that if we were to worry about politics like this ‘pray for rain’ guy we would have had much clearer direction from the apostle Paul, who in his time lived in an empire that allowed men to take boys as sexual playthings, babys could be discarded on the road if they weren’t wanted and killing was sport. those things are much worse than what we see now.
    besides who really ever does anything about abortion at that level? no one.

    i’m personally through attacking obama or mccain for what i don’t agree with. i realized that i am not educated on my own enough to do so. i am going to focus on loving people no matter what, developing relationships so that i can introduce people to Jesus and let Him change them and try to be obedient to God.
    not that politics don’t matter and that i shouldn’t be educated about it. but i don’t have to live in fear just because someone comes along that i don’t necessarily like.

  8. jason, i’m having a hard time sorting out what you’re trying to say here. just to be clear on my end, i’m not claiming anything other than that this video is really, really dumb.

  9. i’m not saying anything about you. just responding to the ideas that this video puts out and the division this stuff causes.

    it is really really dumb.

    i should post my comment on your other post with the ‘hope’ video.

  10. He needs to check his facts, I believe the Republicans appointed the judges in California that legalized gay marriage. It’s so hard to take these guys seriously. By the way he looks a little like Hillary Clinton.

  11. Is it ok if I pray that God will smite…oh sorry.

    Thanks for your great posts about Christianity (the good and bad) and this crazy election. It just keeps getting funnier and funnier and a little disturbing.

    Obama 08.

  12. I’m not FotF’s biggest fan, but if these people want to pray for rain, let them. What is it to you, me or anyone? It’s awfully intolerant of you guys to suggest that they shouldn’t be doing what they want to do on their own time.

    Frankly, I fail to see how I am politicizing my faith by being opposed to a candidate like Obama whose position on Human Rights to life are antithetical to Christian morality. When the Canaanites sacrificed their children to Molec, we call it “barbarism” and “wickedness,” but when we want to abort unborn children, it’s called “choice” and “convenience.” At least the wicked barbarians thought they were appeasing something higher than themselves.

  13. No one’s trying to stop them from praying for anything. Some of us are just pointing out how ridiculous it is.

    It’s awfully intolerant of you to say we’re intolerant. 😉

  14. Ok I try to stay out of super Christian things, but as an outsider I have to say that this looks a bit like a child’s tantrum. It’s an awful lot of energy for not a lot of value. Nothing against praying for a cause, I believe thoughts and prayers can change things….just seems like it could be used for the greater good instead of this. That’s all I’m saying.

  15. this is amazing, that this passed for responsible, Christ-like involvement in the political process. I totally had to plagarize this for my own site. sorry zach- great find.

  16. Why is it that Republican-Christians always pull the “pro-life” card, but they often have no problem with the death penalty or war? Ironically, I have heard a lot of stats that abortion rates usually skyrocket when a “pro-life” Republican is in office because the poor typically get poorer and can’t afford to have their babies. Go figure. Besides, have any of the “pro-lifers” we’ve elected of late done anything to ban abortion? No….and they won’t. We take the bait, they take our votes.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if Christians who want to play politics got a little more excited about the things Jesus told us to… like caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, visiting those in prison? But then we’d have a real revolution on our hands! It is also interesting that it is typically white Christians who favor Republicans, while black Christians often favor Democrats. If you ask me, any Christian would be wise to listen to the people who just got out (and maybe still trying) of slavery, rather than those who enslaved them.

    Lord, may your kingdom come on earth as in heaven!

  17. “…by being opposed to a candidate like Obama whose position on Human Rights to life are antithetical to Christian morality.”

    that’s subjective. it’s more-so that you VIEW his rights are antithetical to what YOU view and have decided for your ‘christian’ morality.

    you realize that i could just put a blanket statement down and count as fact, like you just did, right? let me give it a go!

    I see that I should vote for Obama whose position on Human Rights to life are moral, ethical and in line with ‘Christian’ morality.

    oh. and i’m praying for rain. pfr style. that’s right, old school, washed-up, christian-band patrick whatever style. BAM!


  18. ps :
    @ jeremiah : that would be no fun if we were to care for the sick and feed the hungry and build relationships; actively , intentionally live. seriously, where’s the fun in that? where’s the hypocrisy!?!? i think of it like this:

    without the bullshit, we wouldn’t have the rebels. no dave bazan , derek webb, donald miller, rob bell, zach lind , anne lamotte. the list could go on of course. and that’s just the ‘modern’ people, not counting the history-books people. so me… i’m thankful for the bullshit as it allows the misfits to stand up and have an active audience 🙂


  19. (Here’s hoping that the link still works)

    Wherein Keith Olbermann proclaims that this jackass is the worst person in the world.

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