The Dark Side

“The arrogant-celebrity meme is a variation on the usual Rovian fare: empty of actual policy substance but evocative of playground loyalties and resentments. Basically, McCain called Obama a girl, to appeal to the jocks, and then called him arrogant to flatter the nerds.

Paris Hilton is a two-fer. Choosing a female celebrity is integral to the usual attempt to feminize the Democrat. I could see nothing racist whatever in the message, mind you, but it was, as Weaver noted, pretty asinine.

Less asinine was McCain’s two-pronged lie that Obama would rather lose a war than a campaign and that he snubbed injured troops in Germany. The former is repulsive and you can tell McCain knows it because he has a weird habit of saying it and then grinning broadly and humming a little to himself as a semi-laugh. He doesn’t own the statement even as he says it. The charge itself is about as uncivil as it is possible to be, close to calling Obama treasonous, right? And the troop snub jibe is simply, demonstrably untrue, as the McCain camp was forced to semi-concede.

So McCain’s main moves these past two weeks have been either childish or disgusting, and both times he has signaled he didn’t really believe his own message.”

–Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish


3 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. What do you suppose the chances are of Karl Rove ever being brought before Congress?

    As for McCain’s attacks, they certainly smell of desperation. He’s got nothing, and he knows it.

  2. Evan,

    I’d say a snowball left in the desert for 24 hours chance he’s going to be brought before congress.

    As far as McCain goes, I think he probably doesn’t care anymore he just wants people to hate Obama just because.

  3. That’s about what I thought. That man is never going to be brought to justice, is he?

    Re. McCain wanting people to hate Obama, I think that Rachel Maddow got it right. I’m paraphrasing here, but IIRC: “If the election is about the last seven years, Obama wins in a landslide. If, however, John McCain makes it about Barack Obama, then Obama could lose.”

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