The WSJ is gettin’ stupid

The WSJ points out that Obama might be too skinny to be president. Unreal. McCain claims Obama is too famous like Paris and Britney. Now he’s too skinny. Is this the best conservatives can muster up? They’re circling the drain and grasping for anything that can put off the inevitable.


3 thoughts on “The WSJ is gettin’ stupid

  1. Are you absolutely sure that that post isn’t a clever plant from The Onion? Heaven forbid a healthy man sets foot in the Oval Office!

    I can’t believe that they are using this, if only because it opens up Senator McCain to a similiar attack: is John McCain too old to be President?

  2. No, the other critiques have been that he acts too presidential, that he’s too big of a world-wide celebrity, that he’s not ready to lead, that he isn’t patriotic enough because he doesn’t always wear and flag pin lapel, that he doesn’t care about our troops……just to name a few.

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