No Funny Stuff

This is a ad that they will be running on Comedy Central and MTV. I like it. It’s the first political ad where I’d ever laughed out loud.


18 thoughts on “No Funny Stuff

  1. it’s funny and smart as far as the hope thing. i just have to say that obama is nothing new and is just John Kerry with a personality.

    if hope means uncertainty than you can say that obama is full of it.

  2. Jason, I actually don’t think John Kerry is/was all that bad, he’s just not a great politician. Barack, in my view, is a much better leader and a much more focused politician. I’m curious if you be willing to provide some kind of support for why you think Barack is especially “uncertain”?

  3. zach….the reason i say what i said about the uncertainty thing is more to do with his faith and philosophy. in a recent newsweek article detailing his religious beliefs he said something about finding hope in the questions about God rather than the answers. that just seems to me to be his view on things since he keeps tweaking his stance on issues in order to appeal to more moderate voters when he has always clearly had a liberal view of things.
    i think the whole ‘questions’ thing is much more appealing to people than having clear answers and vision. i just don’t see that from him from all that i have gathered. plus i have to admit that i’m much more conservative than otherwise and that doesn’t help either. i’m pretty open to reconsidering my views. i don’t know.
    overall i am just very skeptical about how much progress he could actually provide.

    i really question the adoration that everyone has with him.

  4. Jon, I thought the same thing so I’m glad you were here to say it lol. Seriously thought I think it is an ingenious ad and it will probably have a long viral video life.

  5. I think all the talk about him making this big shift is totally overblown. When he said he would “refine” his Iraq policy based on the information he would receive from his generals, all the conservative pundits totally freaked out and stretched the meaning of that quote so far outside of it’s easily understood intent.

    I’d like an example of how he is not providing clear policy direction and vision? On what issue has be been confusing, unsure, or cloudy?

  6. Zach, about the only example I can think of is his voting Yes in regards to the FISA bill despite denouncing it earlier in the year. Granted, that’s not so much unclear as a potential flip-flop, and it may not even be a flip-flop considering that the bill allows for criminal prosecution even though it bars civil suits. If that was his reason for voting Yes, then it’s no wonder why he wouldn’t announce it; why tip off the White House?

  7. here’s something i have to admit. i just had a knee jerk reaction to this post with my original comment and spoke out of ignorance. i don’t trust that obama is all that clear with his plans and i don’t like the ‘saviour’ treatment he gets. to me he is just another liberal senator with big ideas. i really don’t think that the gov’t is here to solve our problems and to me. he just seems like a socialist.
    i should have not posted that first comment, sorry. i have a bad habit of speaking out of ignorance on sites like these.

  8. “i don’t trust that obama is all that clear with his plans and i don’t like the ‘saviour’ treatment he gets. to me he is just another liberal senator with big ideas. i really don’t think that the gov’t is here to solve our problems and to me. he just seems like a socialist.”

    so again, how is he not clear with his plans or policy positions? and is the saviour treatment he’s receiving from some his fault? I don’t think Obama has ever claimed that Government is going to solve all the problems we face. And how is he a socialist?

    I am so sick and tired of people just throwing around vague, unsubstantiated conservative talking points in regards to Obama. If you don’t like his policy positions, great. Let’s discuss those. But how has he claimed to be the solution to all our problems and please back up your assertion that he’s a strict “socialist”.

    you apologize for speaking out of ignorance and then you follow up the apology with more flimsy ignorance.

  9. Zach, I think that the biggest one is his committment to public health care. In my experience (moderately limited, I will admit), many Americans who dislike the concept describe its proponents as socialists.

  10. So if supporting public healthcare warrants being called a socialist, what about public education or public transportation? By your logic, I should be correct in calling McCain a socialist for being a proponent of public schooling, right?

    Please spare me the empty rhetoric. There is a big difference between a socialist and one who supports publicly funded programs. Apprently its too much to ask for conservatives to make that distinction.

  11. I *agree* with you. I never said that it was a correct assessment (I know better), just that it gets thrown around. I have seen people refer to Obama as a socialist for that reason, which is why I mentioned it. I apologize if I wasn’t clear on that.

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