Tragedy in Tennessee Valley

This is a terrible story. My prayers go out to this church as well as the gunman and his family. I wonder how it feels for folks like Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly and Michael Savage who’s ideas somehow inspire this kind of barbarism. Considering Michael Savage’s recent diatribe against autistic children, I’m surprised this gunman didn’t seek out some children’s hospital to shoot up.


11 thoughts on “Tragedy in Tennessee Valley

  1. This was very terrible. Not too far from where I live here in TN.

    But come on, let’s place the blame where it really belongs, could we?

  2. leave it to mike savage and co. to show us the light.
    I’m sure those libs had it coming. They “hate freedom” and similar other soundbites, pitting them with the terrorists, so they clearly knew america was comin’ for ’em

  3. I’m just sad that right after it happened, while we were leaving our service we heard a guy next to us say “wait it will be a middle aged angry right winger with no idea what we believe in,” and it was true that is exactly who it was.

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  5. If you read the story, it explains that the attacker’s hatred for “liberals” was inspired by the writings of Hannity, Savage and O’Reilly. I didn’t equate them, the article did by reporting that the gunman’s prejudices were influenced by the opinion of these men. For the second time, I’m not blaming them, just pointing out that it must sting a bit to know you’ve inspired, in some small way, the actions of this man.

  6. I can’t speak for Hannity or Savage, but I believe that I can safely say that Billo isn’t bothered, due to the fact that he has no soul. He has proven this by his initial statements about and then lack of apology to Shawn Hornbeck, by his statements about Jennifer Moore, his pathetic attempt to cover up his second misattribution of the Malmudy Massacre to Americans against captive SS officers when it was in fact the other way around, and most lately the infamous “I don’t want to go on a lynching party *unless*…” comment.

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