Stop Making Sense

McCain is losing it. I like how he basically agrees with Obama’s Iraq position but then says Obama’s plan, not his own, is one of defeat. And this is his strong suit? McCain keeps digging his grave deeper and deeper.


3 thoughts on “Stop Making Sense

  1. I’m starting to seriously consider the possibility that McCain won’t be the nominee come November. He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper, but so far media has (for whatever reason) not covered most of his gaffes. That luck simply cannot hold out until November, and the party leaders have to know it. I’d bet serious money that more than a few top Republicans hope that he will have to bow out for health reasons or that he can be persuaded to bow out with that stated reason. In any case, pay attention to his VP choice, whoever that will be.

  2. Evan, even though McCain’s campaign has been very poorly run so far, he’s still the Republican Party’s best candidate. Who would take his place? Romney? Gulliani? I think the Republican primary did yield it’s best possible result with McCain. It’s a miracle that he’s still not completely out of the running right now. Republicans should be very thankful for that.

  3. Zach, you have a good point. Of the Republicans who penetrated my consciousness (I’m Canadian, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the early stages): Giuliani was a one-issue candidate; I can’t believe Thompson bothered entering at all; I most definitely can’t believe that Huckabee got as far as he did; and Paul’s partisans are *creepy*.

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