God Hates Jesus

Bob takes a peek at a popular Mars Hill (Seattle) worship tune. The Mark Driscoll autographed assault rifle give-away can’t be too long from now.


5 thoughts on “God Hates Jesus

  1. Mark Driscoll’s god is schizophrenic.

    I like your autographed assault rifle idea. Actually, I think Driscoll’s “ultimate prize fighter jesus with a tattoo on his leg and a daddy that hates him” from revelation 19 would do much better at the end of time with Driscoll’s autographed assault rifle (undoubtedly charged with Driscollian testosterone driven kick-ass powers). Surely a Jesus that pulls a literal AR-15 out of his throat, rather that a literal sword, would do much better at lovingly slaughtering his enemies.

  2. First off, let me start by saying that this comment has nothing to do with the post. I was just listening to your interview with Rob Bell, got there very randomly. It’s funny because I was just telling a story about how I saw JEW years ago (2002) in St. Louis when you guys opened for the co-headliners Green Day and Blink 182. It was one of my first concerts and when your most famous song came on (The Middle) I was dancing and bouncing around and I threw up. Haha, we’d eaten on the way up there and I guess I hadn’t properly digested pre-bopping. So anyway, my point is not to tell that story, my point is to say I was raised Muslim and received Christ just a couple months ago and I had *no idea* at the time that me and my brother were rocking out to a Christian band. I also think it’s funny that I was JUST telling that story a few days ago and am now reading your blog and discovering this … all these coincidences seem to keep occuring that are more than just coincidental.

    Anyway, know you don’t want the blog to be about the band but I thought you’d be interested to hear the story.

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