Assault Rifles for Jesus

You can’t make this shit up.


7 thoughts on “Assault Rifles for Jesus

  1. This is why I can’t make myself tell people I live in Oklahoma. Thank God I haven’t been forced to change my license plate or driver’s license yet.

    I’ll be interested to see what they say when that gun shows up in connection to a crime…who hands out assault rifles?

  2. what is with this firearm lust by the conservative american church? why does the church fight for her right to shoot people when our King has warned us that when we live by the sword we will die by it?

  3. I have a fairly conservative stance on firearms but a church giving one away is sending a bad message. I really enjoy recreational shooting and I hunt occasionally and I think it is a great sport but what one has to understand is that the AR-15 was destined to kill people.

    Also 800$ is a serious waste of money for a church to spend on a gun.

  4. It’s not that the church wants to give away a gun that frightens me, it’s that the possibility of owning a semi-auto assault riffle will get kids there. Also it’s illegal for them to win it if they are under 18 so it would be a bit of false advertising, seeing as at least in my neck of the woods most people still doing youth things are at most 16.

  5. Oh, yes. THIS story. I first saw it on CrooksandLiars. It’s just bizarre.

    As a side note: I saw Jimmy Eat World live for the first time on Monday night. You gentlemen were brilliant. Thanks for putting on an incredible show.

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