“Marriage Protection Amendment”

The irony is hilarious.


6 thoughts on ““Marriage Protection Amendment”

  1. Umm…I’m having trouble seeing why the fact that some people do wrong and divorce makes it okay for others to do wrong and marry?

    The logic just isn’t there…

    And, spare me the bigot comments!

  2. Matt, no one is making the claim that you are assuming is being made here. The irony, if you’ve read the story, is that the two senators who are co-sponsoring this bill have both admitted to extramarital activity with prostitutes or strangers in public bathroom stalls. If they are wanting to protect marriage in any way, maybe they should stick to protecting their own and not worry about others. At some point, if you are a leader, your personal history in regards to how you’ve conducted yourself within the issue matters a great deal. It would be like Bush calling on all other world leaders to not conduct unilateral, preemptive wars. Doesn’t really carry a whole lot of weight, does it?

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