YouTubing Driscoll is Fun


Didn’t David “kiss and weep” with Jonathan? Didn’t David say that Jonathan’s love for him was greater than the love of any woman? (that’s so un-Driscollish) And Driscoll is saying with certainty that David was exclusively hetero? I guess if you slaughter about bunch of women and children, that makes up for your alleged gay encounters. Either way, I wonder what the women at Mark’s church feel when they hear that “if you don’t get the young men, you get nothing.” What a thoughtful and pastoral notion……to diminish well more than half your congregants.

There are so many tasty nuggets here. Oh, and when Paul was a young guy, wasn’t he systematically mass-murdering Jesus followers? Yeah, let’s hang out with THAT guy. Good lookin’ out, Mark.

(Rob, you looked quite handsome in that quick edit)


12 thoughts on “YouTubing Driscoll is Fun

  1. although i understand what he is saying about church being feminized and somewhat agree i think sometimes he goes a little too far on the masculine arguments about certain biblical people.

    i don’t get into a lot of worship music because i feel that they are ‘jesus is my boyfriend’ type lyrics. i do think men are not sure what to do with church a lot of times. but to overcompensate with too much masculine big balls stuff would be a big mistake as well.

  2. wow.

    i really want to respond to this in a way that doesn’t attack him directly… but for the life of me I can’t think of anything that doesn’t directly tear him down.

    wow. wow . what i find sad is that there isn’t an appreciation for ALL types of men in ‘the church’. one of my best friends doesn’t fit the role that he is calling for, he’s not a ‘manly man’ kinda guy, but not any less of a man. we need to appreciate the men , whatever stage they are at, with who they are , all the time and not have such ridiculous preconditions that ‘real’ men must meet.

    see that small alliteration at the end? yeah. i’m awesome.


  3. First off, let me go ahead and say that I am so freaking happy that I have never heard of this guy before today. Secondly, macho guys like this make me laugh so hard. When a guy has to talk about being all macho it seems like he is making up for something… I’ll go ahead and let you infer what I am implying here. I’ll bet he’d make fun of me for being a vegetarian. I can just hear him now, “Real mean who love Jesus eat beef! And pork! Yum, bacon, good.”

    What happened to blessed are the meek?

  4. I found this to be rather funny. I hope he is kidding, butt I know he isn’t. We go to a church that isn’t exactly “Christian” we have a lot of people come who don’t believe in Christ because they are looking for a respectful spiritual community. I think there a quite a few sweater vest wearing namby-pambies, in our group but I’m not willing to say it’s the fault of the church. My husband is spiritual and he is not a pansy. Spiritual guys are hot, this gentleman has lost sight of the fact that people are drawn to believers and we need to be kind and ready to teach them or your going to offend them and send them off thinking people of faith are jerks. I hope this post makes sense I’m fighting the flu it make be a bunch of gibberish. Have a nice day everyone!

  5. “…all the innovative dudes are at home watching football.” So great!

    Well, I watch college football so I think I will try out for Pastor this year. In all seriousness though, I wonder how he talks to his wife?

  6. Our VP must be a man cause he goes and shoots people. What I’m wondering is, do “Real men” wear designer jeans? And does he ever wash that shirt? I think that his closet must be similar to all of our favorite cartoon characters: 14 black long-sleeve button ups(minus top button), and 14 pairs of the same jeans. I wonder if he has 13 more of those bitchin’ necklaces at home.


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