Go see it. I have a hard time imagining another movie this year eclipsing this gem. It’s bizarre that Pixar is so mainstream, yet so incredibly creative and moving. It gives you hope.


7 thoughts on “Wall-E

  1. Can’t wait to take the kids to see it…
    It was nice to “meet” you again last night. I ended up in the pizza line with Holly and Ava and got to chat a bit. Ava is darling! She reminds me of my 6 year old. They would be great friends 😉

  2. I went to see it today. It was so cute! I enjoyed the Genesis call-backs and the geek in me loved the 2001 references 🙂

    Let’s just hope we manage to avoid the recolonization…though I have to say I have my doubts it feels like we are on the cusp as it is.

  3. i know what you mean. it’s strange that the other movies showing at the theater were “sex in the city, the happening, and kung fu panda.”

  4. WALL-E was delightful, indeed! I do have to say, though, that I didn’t expect it to be such a political film; it bordered on propaganda! I didn’t mind, since “Buy-N-Large” I am not a fan of consumerism nor of dumping battery acid in the ocean.

    Anyhow, on the topic of Pixar, I too am impressed that they can still make semi risky, progressive movies (ie, no dialogue in WALL-E) instead of simply money-makers.

  5. There was not dialog but there was at the same time…it was Chaplinesque. That is what makes it priceless, you LOVE WALL-E even though he isn’t “alive” per se. Because he has elaborate gestures and sounds you can infer his feelings and you are forced to feel empathetic and follow him on his journey.

  6. My wife and I took my two sons to see it today. That was a GREAT movie!!!

    My wife had an interesting thought; “Remember when we were kids and all the movies about the future made it look like everything was going to be awesome?”

  7. I was amazed. Pixar could just be strolling along churning movies for the sake of selling toys and lunch boxes at this point, but instead they continue to challenge themselves (I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell you there wasn’t any dialogue for nearly the first half of the movie until someone pointed it out to me), and more importantly, are still making GREAT movies with widespread audience appeal. I haven’t seen a “blockbuster” movie that moved me like it in a LONG time. I also loved that Wall-E was a Mac.

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