Shane Claiborne Brings It

This is a fascinating moment where Shane Claiborne leads an arena full of evangelical church leaders in a confession for a complicity in violent empire making and a profession to the allegiance to God’s redemptive love. It’s a powerful moment. I can only imagine that many in that room were uncomfortable and even angry with what Shane was leading them to say. Speaking truth to power often is a dangerous enterprise and thank God for Shane’s courage in this moment.

You can check out some books Shane has written here.

(HT: Tad Delay)

5 thoughts on “Shane Claiborne Brings It

  1. this is a great start, but i think he needs to offer some solutions.

    don’t get me wrong, i agree with shane here. if we spent half as much feeding the world as we did waring with it, who would fight us?

    but if a leader is going to stick his neck out there, he has to come off as more than just a cmplainer. he has to offer some solutions to the problems he’s addressing.

    it’s not just enough to address issues anymore. you have to fix them.

  2. hmmm, i suppose you don’t know a whole lot about shane. his life is itself a series of examples of how to be part of a solution to the problems he speaks to. maybe you should familiarize yourself with Shane’s story and I think you’ll see what I mean.

  3. Absolutely. Backing up what Zach’s saying, one of my favorite things to point out about Shane Claiborne’s idealism on this war is that he was over there in Iraq when it started. He went with a group of Christians who were there just to love with (and some died with) the Iraqi Muslims and christians. They just wanted to say “If our country is going to bomb and kill you, we will be here to die with you.” It’s hard to hate someone and think their country is evil if we saw much so self-less outpoorings of sacrifice, love, and practice idealism.

  4. I think most of the solutions to the problems mentioned in the video were pretty self explanatory. Don’t vote for people who support the war is one solution I came up with.

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