Know Thyself

McCain is proving himself to be out of touch, even with his own positions. Yglesias says it well:

“In some ways, I think McCain himself doesn’t quite realize how Bush-esque he is. He clearly doesn’t like Bush, and has been disliking him for a long time. But that kind of personalized, overblown disdain for Bush-the-man can wind up leading you to overestimate Bush-the-grand-strategist. To McCain, Bush’s policies have failed because of Bush. Replace Bush with McCain and shift tactics around the margins, and the same basic ideas should work out fine. It’s a nice theory, but I don’t think it’s a true theory.”

It’s going to be difficult for McCain to distance himself in an honest way from the positions he’s taken over the course of the last eight years. It will be interesting to see if he’s able to straighten himself out from his recent inconsistencies. I’m not implying that it’s not ok to change one’s mind, but if one is to change their mind, at least be honest about it and not deny their previous positions.

Obviously, we all contend with the difficulties of seeing what is right in front of us. It’s just unfortunate for McCain and politicians in general that they do so in the public square. This is a primary reason I’ll never be running for public office, aside from the fact that former drummers of rock bands can’t possibly be viable public servants. 🙂


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