The Great Divide

The folks at TPM Media have put together a great clip contrasting last night’s speeches of both John McCain and Barack Obama. You can watch both speeches in their entirety here and here. The above clip highlights what I believe to be a very grave concern for the Republicans this summer continuing into the fall. I urge you to watch both speeches and then ask yourself, “Who do I want leading our country for the next four or possibly eight years?” Not that McCain is a bad person or that he doesn’t have the ability to lead. But if McCain doesn’t figure out a way to appeal to voters in a more compelling way, its going to get ugly.


4 thoughts on “The Great Divide

  1. I want a president that will not kill my lower middle income family of six financially. I fear that person is neither candidate no matter how compelling either is.

  2. Wow. I hadn’t seen or even heard about that yet! The media must be doing the McCain camp favors by keeping quiet about it. Thanks for passing it along. McCain would be wise to not try and compete with Obama on that front … and yet I read he’s challenged Obama to weekly debates from now until the November election?! That is one challenge Obama should gladly accept. From the looks of this, he’d win with one lip tied behind his back.

  3. Steve, actually, McCain does very well unscripted and Obama, not so much. See his performance in primary debates. This is why McCain wants this so badly.

  4. McCain certainly does better in unscripted appearances but what he should be weary of is his very odd policy gaffs that Obama will be able to exploit very easily in any kind of debate/town hall.

    McCain can’t even get right the number of troops we have in Iraq right now. He also doesn’t remember that he actually fought any kind of investigation into the Hurricane Katrina mishap when he says he supported it through and through. Obama will mop the floor with him on these kinds of significant mishaps.

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