Sermon(s) Alert!

First, I must plug my own pastor, Shane Hipps, for the current series he’s doing on David. This has been such a fascinating series so far and I can’t recommend strongly enough that it be listened to. Click here to listen (The David series started April 6th)

Second, most of you all know about the fine teaching that regularly comes out of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids (not to be confused with the most manly, testosterone-filled, kick-ass pastor ever). Anyone who is familiar with Mars Hill and Rob Bell knows what a gifted teacher and communicator Rob is. But, I have to take a second here to acknowledge the genius of another Mars Hill pastor, Kent Dobson. Kent teaches and also leads worship. Kent led the congregation with worship songs at MH when I attended last April and it was a powerful experience for me. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with Kent and his wife while out to dinner in Chicago. Just recently, Kent put down his axe and taught about the faith of Peter. Check it out here. It’s also a fantastic teaching and one that should be heard by many. Something’s in the water in Grand Rapids. Please listen and you can thank me in the comments. 😉


7 thoughts on “Sermon(s) Alert!

  1. Zach,

    I have been told by some that Rob Bell doesn’t talk about heaven, or much of after life.
    As a believer I do consider my citizenship to be in heaven and though it is not the only issiue of the church or of following Christ, I do consider it important none the less.
    Since I do not listen to the Bell man on a regular occasion and I don’t want to just take someones word for it or pass judgement. Can you offer me some insight?

  2. Scotty, Rob has an entire series devoted to Heaven. I’m not sure where you are getting your info but it seems like your sources are suspect. If you are curious about what Rob has to say, I would just encourage you to listen and judge for yourself.

  3. i used that picture in a blog post several years ago. i only think it appropriate to give credit where credit is due.

    and a future thank you for when i listen to that message.

  4. jon, what a great photo, right? credit to you in endless amounts!

    Chris, I never listen to John Piper and from what I know of him, I’m a bit hesitant to go there. Not that what he has to offer may be helpful to some degree, but I typically stay away from the reformed camp. it’s too spicy for me. upsets my stomach. but maybe for that reason, I should give him a shot. Do you recommend any particular teaching?

  5. I deffinitly know what you mean, and completely understand. Reformed theology can be a bit too spicy for me as well, but i’ve come across two or three of his sermons, either on radio or someone will pass them along to me, and they are pretty good. Unfortunately, I don’t have any particular sermons to recommend. If you get a chance to check something of his, or if you decide to, i’d like to hear what you think, via blog or as a comment. peace.

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