Bullshit Alert!

In light of my singing the praises of Kent Dobson, I have to talk about this article I found as a result of googling his name. Here’s a snippet:

Bible scholar and NorthPointe Christian High School teacher Kent Dobson resigned Tuesday after he and the school board parted ways over Dobson’s role in a Discovery Channel program, “Jesus: The Missing History.”

“It was apparent to both Kent and the board that some of the views expressed on the program were outside of the Statement of Faith of NorthPointe Christian and therefore his resignation was given and accepted,” according to a statement made by NorthPointe Superintendent Jim Hofman and e-mailed to NorthPointe parents.

Dobson, the 31-year-old son of retired Calvary Church pastor Ed Dobson and a NorthPointe Bible teacher for nearly two years, refused to comment Wednesday on his resignation, his father said.

Bible scholar Kent Dobson leads a tour near Jerusalem during his three-year stay in the Holy Land. Dobson hosted “Jesus: The Missing History.”
“He did resign, that is accurate,” Ed Dobson said. “He basically had no other choice, and he initiated it.”

Neither Hofman nor NorthPointe Board President Kevin Belk would say what specific comments made on the program, which was hosted by Dobson, led to Dobson’s resignation. Nor would they say how Dobson’s role on the program became a school board issue.

Amazing. It’s so unfortunate for Ken and his former students that this has happened. Words don’t do justice in capturing the foolishness of this school’s leadership in this matter.

On one of the comments below the article a reader wrote:

“If Kent were really interested in the truth he would put down his Jewish history books and concentrate more on the bible.”

Funny. If the Old Testament doesn’t tell us the history of the Jewish people, then I don’t know what book does. My bet is that commenter probably went to this same school.


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