Young Evangelicals on the Move

Here is a fascinating article from the Seattle Times. It highlights the breaking away of young evangelicals from the Republican strong man grip and into a political no man’s land. Shane Claiborne, Andy Crouch, Eugene Cho all contribute. There are some quotes in here that have to be making some of the old guard of the Religious Right a little nervous:

“I think it’s a new movement starting,” said Amy Archibald, 19, a sophomore at the evangelical school. “Most of us would never blindly follow the old Christian Right anymore. James Dobson has nothing to do with us. A lot of us are taking apart the issues, and thinking, ‘OK, well, [none of the candidates] fits what I’m looking for exactly.’ But if you’re going to vote, you’ve got to take your pros with your cons.”


“I just keep thinking, if Jesus were alive now, he wouldn’t necessarily be voting Republican.”

This may not be a shock to most of us but it’s an interesting look into how the political winds can change in the blink of an eye. In 2004 it seemed like we heard endless commentary on the influence of evangelical voters. What a difference three and a half years make? I think we can credit the second term of George Bush for this trend. If there is a silver lining to be found in his presidency at all, maybe this is it. We’ve endured the politics of fear and division to the point where we all are simply weary, even conservatives. It’s no wonder Obama is doing as well as he is. God have mercy on my fellow Arizonan, John McCain. I don’t think he’s gonna have a very enjoyable Fall.


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