Shane Hipps @ Mars Hill G.R.

My friend and pastor Shane Hipps will be teaching this weekend at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids. If you are unfamiliar with Shane, he’s basically a totally awesome dude. If you haven’t read his book then you should. If you want to check out his weekly sermons, you can check them out here. Check here during the next week to hear Shane’s Mars Hill teaching.

(Update: Shane hit it out of the park! I heard reports of standing ovations…..something we don’t experience at our Mennonite Church! Big ups, Shane. Click here to listen.)


3 thoughts on “Shane Hipps @ Mars Hill G.R.

  1. this was so good. lots of stuff packed into a small timeframe. it’s nice to hear someone say things that i only get the chance to kinda grope at in the dark and sorta guess at.

  2. too bad you don’t work at zondervan still. shane could use some champions there at the moment. zondervan wasn’t even able to get his books to Mars Hill while he was there……i think that’s Marketing 101.

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