Today our family lost our beloved Offa. I’ll always remember him as a man who took tremendous pride in his family. I received a massive amount of acceptance and encouragement from him throughout my childhood and into adulthood…..even though I’m his only grandchild who never graduated from college. He was a survivor who braved a rough childhood in Chicago and worked tremendously hard at giving a better life to his family. I’ll always remember him complaining about the modern day NBA and all that double dribbling going on and how the hoop should be raised two feet. I’ll always remember his excruciating experience as a lifetime Cub fan……the lamenting was unforgettable.

With the humor aside, how blessed we all are in my family to have followed the lead of Fred Wunderle. He will always be remembered as the strong foundation on which we’ve built a family full of love and togetherness.

This will be the first year I haver ever rooted for the Cubs, in honor of Offa.


4 thoughts on “Offa

  1. Sorry to hear about this Zach, I would have enjoyed a conversation with him about which was worse…double dribbling or traveling!

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