Maureen Dowd takes notice of Bush’s unusually good moods and of his blurring the lines between his foreign policy and God’s will:

W. bragged to Republicans about his “considered judgment” in sending more troops to Iraq and again presented himself as an untroubled instrument of divine will. “I believe there’s an Almighty,” he said, “and I believe a gift of that Almighty to every man, woman and child is freedom.”

And why is the president so overly optimistic in the face of all the various problems we face? Dowd takes a shot:

Maybe the president is just putting on a good face to keep up American morale, the way Herbert Hoover did after the crash of ’29, when he continued to dress in a tuxedo for dinner.

Or maybe the old Andover cheerleader really believes his own cheers, and that prosperity will turn up any time now, just like the W.M.D. in Iraq.

……309 days left…..


3 thoughts on “Ouch……

  1. The similarities between this economy and the one at the end of the 20’s is frightening. I hope we have the stop measures in place to prevent a full on melt down, but to me GWB’s greatest sin as president was allowing…no…encouraging an entire economy to be built on credit.

    Which of course begs the question…who will be our FDR? My fear is the new Social Security will be Universal Healthcare.

  2. not sure anyone here is saying that he’s “all” bad, scotty. most everyone who comments on this blog understands that. if anyone has tendency to paint others (or entire nations) as inherently evil, it would be our president, not maureen dowd or anyone commenting here.

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