7×14 DW tobacco burst solid maple shell snare drum with die-cast hoops and tube lugs. In short…..BE AFRAID! I’ve named it WMD.


9 thoughts on “Drool…….

  1. That’s pretty. I love the tube lugs and the finish. I bet it has that warm tone with just enough ring to cut over the guitar. DW is so classy in the industry. They all have that timber that when you tune them just right the tone hits you in your gut. Although, I have taken a fancy to Pork Pie snares. They sing.

  2. What’s the hefty thing you had on the left side live? Sorry I’m not technical enough on drums to get too excited, all I know is my snare is a audio snapshot of hell and I haven’t got anywhere to play my drums these days anyway 😦 That said the finish on that thing is stunning.

  3. Ok..so your drums sound amazing..always! maybe you could help a brother out and just let me know what heads you usually use. I’ve never got into coated heads but it looks like thats what you use. And im tired of my clear remos. but whats a good coated sound? THanks man! looking forward to seeing you guys april 9th in CA!!

  4. i typically use coated emperors (2 ply) on the toms. i also have coated ambassadors on the bottom of the toms. as far as the snare goes, it depends on the snare. on a shallower snare i’ll typically use a coated ambassador (single ply). on most of my snares that are 6 inches or deeper i’ll use a coated single ply with a black dot or remo “Control Sound”. for a live situation, recently i’ve been using a coated emperor on my 7″ deep DW edge snare. I’ve really enjoyed that set up so far.

    i like coated because, to me, they give the drum and more “full” sound. I usually tune my toms lower than average, so the coated heads really give me a full, meaty sound that I prefer. i’ve tried clear heads in the past and make the drums sound thinner and more “wet”. i like a drier, darker sound so the coated heads work great. same goes for the kick drum. a coated head on the kick drum just gives it more weight.

    i guess it all depends on what kind of music you play and the sound you go for.

  5. Thanks Man!! Its mainly just for music at my church. But we meet in an old theatre and so the music definitely has a loud/live feel, and the drums have been sounding a bit thin as of late. they arent really matching the room so i think the coated heads will definitely help. i really appreciate your insight! We’ve always tried somewhat to get a “jimmy” sound out of our drums..hopefully this helps even more.

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