Going out on a limb…….


……and figuring that the person who made up this chart is a white man. And it’s great to know that D.A. Carson is the sole model of “Orthodox Christianity” AND Evangelism. WWDACD, right? Fascinating.


7 thoughts on “Going out on a limb…….

  1. The far fundamentalist side is alive… they just can’t be mentioned by name because they use Jack Bauer tactics in dealing with dissenters.

  2. Ha…that’s actually a pretty funny observation. I saw this chart several days ago and didn’t notice how skewed it was. That said, I’m not sure that you’re being totally fair with the chart since it’s out of the context of the article (which was a look at the emergent movement (thus the lack of fundamentalism in the chart). From the article:

    Don’t misunderstand the chart. D.A. Carson represents the best of traditional Evangelical scholarship. But being in the middle does not necessarily mean that I believe that he is more orthodox than Dan Kimball. He is just less emerging! John MacArthur is to the far left, not because he is in danger of stepping outside of traditional Evangelicalism into a heterodox form of fundamentalism, but because he is more fundamental and less emerging than the others. McLaren is right on the line between emerging and Emergent.

    I’m actually happy to see someone who places DA at the center of their Evangelicalism circle only exclude 3.5 of those people listed as “unorthodox”.

  3. For me, this whole attempt at charting the emergent movement is misguided and unhelpful. It totally ignores the nuances of the Christian faith. I don’t agree with a lot of what Driscoll or MacArthur have to offer, but I know that to some degree, I can benefit from some of their insights. I don’t need a chart to show me which one is is more conservative or fundamentalist. I just need to consider for myself what they’ve said or written.

  4. “D.A. Carson represents the best of traditional Evangelical scholarship.”


    I wonder how the author describes being an “Evangelical?”

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