Take This (Vice President) Job and Shove It.

Newsflash: Obama is running for the PRESIDENCY.

The Clintons are really digging themselves in a hole here.


5 thoughts on “Take This (Vice President) Job and Shove It.

  1. Talk about implosion. What I’m still trying to grapple with is Hillary’s so called “experience.” Is she talking about being First Lady? In that regard she did very little in the way of diplomacy. Is she talking about Senatorial experience? Oh, that’s right… she has the same amount as Obama…

    What exactly is she talking about?

  2. it’s funny, i don’t think it’s implosion at all. i really think the clinton’s will pull off heist and steal this nomination. i hope i am wrong, but she will try to get to the white house by any means possible.

    mike, correction, hilary is took office 4 years before obama.

  3. Rich… thanks for the correction. I spoke too soon. I agree with you that Clinton will do anything to get into the White House. That being said though, I think it is going to be tough for her to get this nomination. Obama has both the popular vote and the delegate count in his favor. She will need to overtake him in one of those to make a serious consideration. But then again…

  4. If Hillary somehow gets the nomination with the superdelegates it will be some polarizing bad news for the Dem’s. I don’t want the White House to become a timeshare.

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