7 thoughts on “Facebook Sucks: Part 2

  1. Ah whatever, this stuff just doesn’t bother me. Still a fan of it. Brilliant way of keeping in touch with old school/uni friends and friends from abroad. Facebook rules :p

  2. Yuck. I signed on to Facebook a couple months ago, and I wish I hadn’t. It’s terribly annoying. I just deleted all my info, and deactivated my account. We’ll see if I can get it deleted.

  3. whatever Jamie – what are you afraid of? If they did anything even slightly illegal with the info, there would be a small global uprising.

    Much ado about nothing I think.

    (just yankin’ yer *online chain) 😉

  4. Yeah- like with the phone companies. They helped the gov’t wiretap americans and we took them to task. They didnt get away with any of it.

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