Dobson throws his hat in the ring!

Dobson has now said he’s going to endorse Mike Huckabee’s irrelevant campaign. Bad timing, right? Steve Benen at The Carpetbagger Report says it better than I could have:

Well, this is likely to have … no impact at all. Huckabee’s campaign is effectively over, a fact which he and his supporters are well aware of. He doesn’t have any money left, and he’s unwilling to go on the offensive against McCain, whom he’s apparently been lobbying for the VP slot.

And now, given this landscape, the Focus on the Family Chief decides it’s time to rally the troops for the guy who’s campaign is practically finished.

This makes no sense and reeks of sour grapes. Andrew Sullivan’s comment is fitting I think:

With almost comic timing, he endorses Huckabee. Do these people not see how absurd it is that they represent in any way the message of the Gospels?

5 thoughts on “Dobson throws his hat in the ring!

  1. That Andrew Sullivan quote is kind of mean. I don’t agree with Dobson on the whole abstention thing, but I don’t see how his endorsement of Huckabee or refusal to vote for McCain means that it is “absurd…that they represent in any way the message of the gospels.”

    Aren’t you yourself for and against certain candidates?

    I am wondering, along with everyone else, why in the world he didn’t endorse Huckabee earlier. Seems pretty stupid on that end.

  2. I think what Sullivan is saying here isn’t that it’s not ok to be against a candidate. His point is that Dobson is simply making this endorsement out of spite for John McCain. Obviously, Dobson isn’t supportive of McCain and to some degree, both Dobson and I agree on not supporting McCain. Dobson is certainly entitled to his opinion and his right to endorse whatever candidate he chooses. It’s just the way he’s waited until it no longer matters to actually endorse someone, it’s his childish way of continuing to poke McCain’s eye in the process.

    The reason I’m against certain candidates is based on their policy, their ability to unify, etc. All it seems Dobson is concerned with is being divisive for divisiveness’ sake. Before Super Tuesday, he says publicly he won’t vote for McCain without actually endorseing any other candidate. Then after Super Tuesday and after McCain has the nomination totally locked up does he come out and endorse Huckabee? The only reason one can come up with for this behavior is that Dobson has ill will towards McCain for McCain’s “Agents of Intolerance” comment aimed at the religious right. Unfortunately for Dobson, his behavior is supporting McCain’s conclusion.

  3. Fair enough. As I thought about what Dobson did (his comment about not voting at all and such), I was dissapointed as well. It seemed more like empty rhetoric aimed simply at swaying evangelical voters.

    I respect Mr. Dobson because I’m quite sure that he is a loving and godly man who cares greatly for his family and the family of God. But I think his problem is that he has become obsessed over two political issues (homosexuality and abortion)which, while important, should not be completely controlling. As you and everyone else has noticed, his influence isn’t what it used to be!

  4. Exactly Matt, I don’t doubt your sentiments about Dobson being a loving person, I just think his love is expressed in the context of a very ethnocentric worldview. Don’t get me wrong here, strong convictions are good but those convictions should, in the end, bring restoration and peace, even to our enemies. we all have our little annoyances about those we disagree with and Dobson is no different in that regard. He’s human and he’s still a bit hurt from McCain’s past declaration. But in the end, he should rethink the way he’s publicly handling his involvement in this primary campaign.

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