Stockholm Super Tuesday

I’m sitting in our dressing room here at tonight’s venue in Stockholm. Thankfully, I am getting some wifi love so I’m able to watch the various t.v. coverage of the days events with my Slingbox setup.

My prediction for today is that Hillary will win more delegates but Obama will win enough delegates to keep it close. If that’s the case, Obama is sitting pretty with a lot of cash in his war chest moving forward. If Obama somehow wins more delegates and picks up some surprise momentum, I think it will be curtains for HRC. We can only hope.

I gotta say, if you travel or on your computer a lot, Slingbox is worth checking out. It’s come in handy this week. We watched the Super Bowl with Slingbox on my computer while we were on a ferry from Denmark to Norway using a wireless internet card. And tonight, it will be nice to watch the t.v. coverage as the results come in.


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