Obama in AZ


Check out this story on Obama’s rally in Phoenix. Unreal. 13 thousand supporters turned up to listen to Obama speak while standing in front of Governor Napalitano and Caroline Kennedy.

I am very sad that I was not able to attend this rally. I’m currently traveling in Europe so I was curious from afar to see how this rally would turn out. I just have to say how proud I am of my home state. I was born and raised in Arizona and have lived through and lamented the days of former Governor Evan Mecham who canceled the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Considering the history of Arizona and it’s staunch conservatism, this Obama rally is very significant. No other political figure in America would be able to fill this arena and the fact that it’s an African American who has done so fills me with joy.

Let’s hope for good things on Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Obama in AZ

  1. I was there and it was … awesome. It was so great to see all the different people of all different walks of life coming together to support a candidate who really does follow through on bringing about diversity. Example:
    My girlfriend and I were there, we are both white, standing next to 2 black women and their black husbands, In front of us was a large asian family and next to them was a hispanic family. Behind us/next to us were a group of people from LGBT with signs and shirts that said “queers for obama”. On stage was a gay woman, a white woman and a black man running for president. And you know what? No one was telling anyone to go home, no one was fighting or yelling at each other. No one was saying that the way they lived was of less value or meaning than anyone else. Heck, people were TALKING to each other. Amazing. Tuesday he definitly has my vote and has had it since he started running.

    And now I’ve written an essay on your blog, sorry bout that šŸ˜€


  2. zach, i dont know what to do. obama seems like the guy, but i am not a fan of big government. i dont know how to get past that. i already feel overtaxed and controlled by govt. how would this guy change my mind?

    right now i am ron paul or not at all. just need some convincing.

  3. My concern with any of the candidates are their approach to undocumented immigrants. I don’t agree with a guest worker program–I think it’s inhumane to send people back to nothing once their time is up. Has anyone heard of “Endgame”–it’s a program that calls for complete deportation of all undocumented immigrants using detention centers built by Halliburton?

  4. joe, jamie, great concerns to have, no doubt.

    joe, as far as the issue of big government, etc., the u.s. has been put in a very troubling position by the Bush administration. We’ve cut taxes for the wealthy while at the same time our spending is totally out of control. The cost of the war in Iraq and all of the pork barrel spending of the first four years of the Bush administration has blown our national debt sky high. Our country is now in debt to the Chinese and a very bad scene.

    Obama has proposed a roll back of the Bush tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest americans. I am not sure if he’s proposed a middle class tax decrease or not. I think I remember him saying that may be the case, but i’m not certain.

    Obviously, with a universal type health care plan, spending would go up in that regard, but the hope would be to reign in some of the spending in other areas and use the pre-Bush tax rates for the rich to help pay for that.

    So the question we must ask ourselves is do we want to raise taxes on the richest americans and reign in spending on issue other than healthcare or do we want to continue to be under the thumb of the Chinese and allow our national debt to spiral out of control. we have a big bill and we have to find some way to pay it or future generations will be left with it. Even though my tax rate may be increased by an Obama presidency, I’ll gladly pay them if I know we are doing what we can to reign in military spending and focusing our efforts on providing health care coverage for all.

    if mccain is elected, don’t expect our military spending to go down at all. it will probably go up, if that’s even believable. Mccain is ok with permanent military bases in the middle east and he doesn’t seem to mind having to keep feeding the beast of the american empire we now live in. what that means is we’ll continue to funnel billions of our tax dollars to our military complex rather than trying to establish health care in our country for those desperately in need.

    it’s your call.

  5. Zach, you brought up another HUGE concern of mine: healthcare. I agree with you that I don’t mind increasing our taxes if that means we will be creating a better future for our country. Getting out of debt to other countries and providing healthcare for all is so important. It just breaks my heart that there are people out there who can’t afford to get sick.

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