Brussels…and it’s only the beginning….


Today begins a 6 week trip through Europe for me and my friends. It’s going to be quite a journey. Berlin, Oslo, Dublin, Milan and many places in between. These kinds of trips are bitter sweet. While I get to make a living traveling the world and playing music, I have to leave home behind. Holly, Ava, the dogs, Phoenix sunsets (my favorite in the world), the dry desert air….without them life is incomplete. There’s so much left behind but hopefully much to gain while I’m gone. See you in March!


5 thoughts on “Brussels…and it’s only the beginning….

  1. You’re quite right, you may well see me peering out at the Roundhouse in March.

    I for one am grateful for the effort you guys continue to put in. All the best with the tour and I look forward to seeing you then 🙂

  2. I’ve never left home for more than 2 weeks. No idea if I could hack 6 weeks or not, especially with it being so exhausting.

    All the same, I’ll be seeing y’all at both venues in Ireland. Maybe you’ll see me there =)

  3. When I used to travel for business, I always had the same feeling…it was really great to see different places in the country, but some how it was never the same with out my wife.

    She felt the same way when she went to Poland with out me…so for my birthday she is taking me to London 🙂

    Even though we live on the East Coast now…nothing can compare with a Sunset over Lake Powell.

    Hope the tour goes well!

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