Live for Nothing or Die for Something

Yes. I saw the newest installment of the Rambo movie series on it’s opening day. About six dudes bundled up and braved the chilly Memphis morning to pay homage to the man who inspired us all to try unsuccessfully convince our parents when we were seven to buy us 8-inch survival knives (complete with a compass on the handle and matches and razor-blade wire inside).

All I can say about this movie is that I’ve never yelled “Oh Shit!” out loud in a movie theater more times than I did today. If you are a fan of the old Rambo flicks, then this won’t disappoint. Added bonus points for the sound in this movie. It was the first movie I ever walked out of thinking it would have been nice bringing earplugs. I will also say that this is a very, VERY brutal movie. Some of the scenes were a bit overboard but aside from that, it’s a great “dudes hanging out” cinema experience. I looked around the theater when the credits were rolling and I couldn’t find one female in the audience. It was a dude soup.


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