The Angel Moroni would be proud……

Now, does this mean that when I die I’ll be spared the “outer darkness” and be granted entry into the celestial kingdom? I hope so……as long as I don’t have to wear the underwear and can still drink beer and stuff.

10 thoughts on “The Angel Moroni would be proud……

  1. Zach, I’m sitting here at 2:27am having a beer and that clip totally made me spit it out of my mouth I was laughing so hard. Wow. You should be proud, really. You’re music is a ministry again.

  2. seriously Zach, That … is … awesome.

    Don’t tell me you weren’t playin air-drums to that the whole time. Those guys rocked it like their temple garment’s depended on it!

    To even it out, let’s find one of christian’s doin some crazy shit as well, but to some ‘secular’ jimmy songs 😉


  3. wow!!! is this for real? you should make that your next music vid… it would appeal to all the mitt romney fans…

    are you guys going to put out a demo disc for “chase this light?”

    that was the best part of getting the “futures” album, the demo disc that came with it…

  4. wow.

    if i got approached w/ this song & dance–i’d join their religion…

    and thanks for the info on the underwear (never heard of that before!) – this post couldn’t be any better.

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