“But whatever…….”

Check out this article if you want to know what God has told Pat Robertson about 2008. Apparently we are in for a big recession and…..drum roll……more violence and chaos in the world. Wow, Pat’s really going out on a limb here. Maybe he’s being a bit more conservative with his predictions due to his predictions for 07 being unrealized. Apparently he predicted a massive terrorist attack in a U.S. this past year, but it didn’t happen:

But don’t unload your portfolio just yet. Robertson acknowledged Wednesday that his prophecy of a nuclear terror attack in 2007 failed to unfold.

He also cited information from God when he predicted on a year go that major U.S. cities would be hit by “very serious terrorist attacks” causing “possibly millions” of deaths.

No such catastrophe occurred.

“All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us,” Robertson said on “The 700 Club,” a television show he hosts on the Christian Broadcasting Network, based in Virginia Beach.

“So did I miss it? Possibly,” he said of his unrealized prediction. “Or, on the other hand, did God avert it? Possibly. But whatever, it didn’t happen, so I think we can all rejoice.”

How this guy gets people to mail him checks is so beyond me. I don’t understand. God tells Robertson about a massive terrorist attack and when it doesn’t come true, we rejoice because God spared us! Yes, rejoice indeed. If you are busy rejoicing, then you can’t smell that dog shit on the bottom of your shoe. But whatever……


4 thoughts on ““But whatever…….”

  1. Oh, but by far the best Pat Robertson “words from God” prediction was a few years back, in reference to Disney allowing, but not promoting mind you, the annual “Gay Days” event. Robertson proclaimed Walt Disney World, Orlando, would take a direct hit from either a hurricane, or possibly a meteor…yeah another swing and miss.

  2. he also predicted that the pacific northwest would be hit by a massive natural disaster last year. so from me to pat, “thanks. I’m glad i’m still alive.”

    i learned in a class in college that according the hebrew scriptures, if someone says that God told them by that something will happen and it doesn’t, then by law they should be stoned to death. kinda puts a little weight to the words that people say.

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