The Chuck has Huck’s Back

Huck and Chuck

Did you see Mike Huckabee’s speech after his victory in Iowa? Check it out here. I watched it live and I found it so bizarre that Chuck Norris was prominently placed directly behind the Huckster. Not Huckabee’s wife or any of the rest of his family but the bad-ass himself, Chuck Norris. So on one level, I see why this may be a smart thing for Huckabee. He has not done really well on fund raising up until now and he is contending with his opponents significantly deeper pockets. He was outspent in Iowa by Romney 6 to 1 and so anything Huckabee can do to garner interest or attention he sort of has to go for it. While I totally understand this decision, i just find it amusing to no end.

When I compare Huckabee’s backdrop of supporters to Hillary’s, I’ll take the Huck’s every day of the week. Hillary decided to bring up as many of the members of the old Democratic establishment she could possibly find. Madeline Albright, Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, Wesley Clark, etc……..who cares? Based on what we saw in Iowa, she might want to get away from that image.

Finally, we have Obama’s speech. There’s not much to say about his backdrop of individuals other than they looked like normal, every-day supporters of his campaign. No action stars, no members of the Washington elite. In the end, Obama doesn’t need any help. His words and his killer suit say it all.

I am at this point I’m undecided in who I will vote for but after watching all three of these addresses, Obama is winning me over. He’s simply operating an a level unmatched by any of his opponents on both side of the aisle. He already has a 10% lead on HRC in New Hampshire. It could be lights out on the Democratic side come this Tuesday.

15 thoughts on “The Chuck has Huck’s Back

  1. what makes it better was the sheer whiteness of chuck’s teeth. they were reflecting the light in crazy ways. and i swear there was a 30-45 second stretch where he didn’t move at all. he was like a creepy cyborg white teeth mannicon.

  2. I wouldn’t expect Chuck to be along much longer with Huckabee. For whatever reason, it’s probably obvious, Norris is hugely popular in Iowa. But yeah, seeing him there conjured images of Conan O’Brien’s lever and also those horrible, horrible Chuck Norris jokes.

    I’ve been on Obama’s bandwagon since the DNC keynote in 2004 (much of which was borrowed from in his Iowa victory speech). I may have been one of the few people who wasn’t surprised that he beat Hillary so bad. There is no way she wins the nomination. In fact, I’d wager money that she may only win Michigan. I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities for our country if Obama is President. I think he stands a great chance. Look out for a tidal wave of independents, young people, and people who’ve never cared to vote to support Obama.

  3. If you haven’t seen this yet, you have to check it out.

    Norris came to him and offered his services. Once these ads started hitting the internet is when his approval started going up in Iowa.

  4. I’m a little turned off by Huckabee’s approach. It’s distracting, and it seems like I’m being manipulated to think he’s cool because he has this oddly famous person with him all the time.

    Maybe the same can be said for Oprah, but somehow it seems different.

  5. That is totally bizarre. And so obviously intentional bandwagoning.

    But it makes me chuckle especially after the SNL digital short from Andy Samberg – “The Young Chuck Norris”. Huck’s street cred therefore as a president significantly down for me. And he has been sitting in with the ol’ 4-String a bit too much lately. If he was swinging with some cool-bop it might be different, but I don’t want to hear Dock of Bay or The Midnight Hour again…

    For your viewing pleasure…

  6. i would say something bad about chuck, but i already thank god every morning that he didnt kill me in my sleep. to say something now would be pushing my luck. lol

    zach, what do you think of ron paul?

  7. Josh! Agreed. I couldn’t hear anything Huck was saying because I was being enveloped in the light(chucks white teeth).
    I’m as you’d probably stereo type Christian Conservative Republican(was that redundant?) Anywho If I was voting democrat which I might…actually not likely…I’d vote for Edwards! Edwards is ready to stick it to the man and give power to the people! Why would you prefer Obama over Edwards? When it comes to catering to corporations Obama is the same to me as anyone else…but not Edwards.

  8. i like edwards a lot actually. unfortunately, i don’t think he really has a chance. i think policy wise, the dems are all fairly close. there aren’t MAJOR differences. it’s just obama’s ability to get people on board. his ability to communicate and hopefully to unify. we’ll see….

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