Iowa starts it off with a bang

The results of tonight’s Iowa caucus are pretty staggering, especially on the Democratic side. Obama thumped HRC by around 8%! We shouldn’t underestimate this result. Congrats to Mike Huckabee as well. Although I have many differences with Huckabee, I find it comforting that a candidate who has considerably less money in his war chest can defeat fairly easily an opponent (Romney) who did his best to buy a victory in Iowa.

I think both results lead me to think that Evangelicals should be both very happy and very scared. Huckabee, in my opinion, has no chance against Obama.

This has certainly been an interesting start……we’ll have to see what happens in New Hampshire. Hopefully McCain can put the final nail in both Romney’s and Rudy’s coffin.

(Update: Edwards looks like he’ll beat out HRC for second. Sounds like a very bad time for the old establishment.)


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