Drum Beat of War hits a snag.

Josh Marshall at TPM writes:

Oh, for the days when the need to parse presidential language was only a matter of distinguishing different kinds of sex acts. Now it’s necessary to hold the president to account for starting wars, bamboozling the country and causing untold numbers of deaths.

We appear to know now that the Iranians shuttered their nuclear weapons program in 2003. The president apparently had strong indications this was the case back as far as last summer and the intelligence became progressively more clear in the fall. And yet here he was through most of the fall escalating his rhetoric against Iran and rattling the sabers for a potential military confrontation.

I just pray that W can resist the temptation and leave his finger off the button until 2008*.

(* which may not matter anyway if Guliani wins. If that’s the case, he’ll probably give the order while he’s driving on his way to the White House after being sworn in.)


6 thoughts on “Drum Beat of War hits a snag.

  1. well, i wouldn’t get that carried away. Bush has been pretty awful in many respects. but yes, when it comes to the “war on terror”, Rudy will make W look like Kucinich.

  2. I always try it give folks the benefit of the doubt. However, this episode is just another huge blunder by this administration. I can’t understand how the President can keep telling us that we have stop Iran from getting nukes. When the (NIE) report states that they have “Moderate Confidence” they have not continued their weapons program since 2003.

    Here it is in context:

    I think the issue here is the truth. Bush has been ramping up the rhetoric since the end of this last summer. Well if he knew of this information about Iran (at least in part) shouldn’t the information given to the American people be:
    “We don’t know for certain where the Iranian weapons program is at this point”. Further, “We have reason to believe that they have stopped their program in 2003”.
    Instead, we get this blistering propaganda about Iran and how they are actively seeking nuclear proliferation.

    Don’t get me wrong. Iran is still a threat to the free world in numerous ways and they must be dealt with in a serious way before Israel attacks with the 4th biggest Air Force in the World. Not because of eschatological reasons, (BTW- I am a partial prederist, if you care) but rather to give the region stability. I am not arguing this.

    I am saying that it saddens me when we have an insane administration running our Government. Why do they do this? Why?
    DON’T SPIN IT!!!

    They never tell the whole truth. I am guessing they think it better to be wrong then to appear to be week or no have answers for the press, their constituency or their neo conservative cohort leaders in the tri-lateral commission. (I think I took it to far there)

    Well, all in all I’m guess it’s a good day for the U.S. It seems that Iran is able to be pressured without military force. Americans get their annual serving of truth from the feds and all is well with the housing market. NOT!

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”. – Einstein

    NOT! (This was a term in the mid to late 80’s used by the youth of America to show sarcasm and or to elaborate a point from the opposite side of an argument) For you young folks on this blog.

  3. of course you always have to be weary of a man hoping for the annihilation of another race. so you need to keep an eye on what iran is doing. empire building has never worked and neither has “redemptive violence”. there has to be a non-violent way of bringing peace to the area.

    with that said, it seems like the man has an itchy trigger finger. but, at the same time, i dont know if the american people would ever tolerate it. i think it would get ugly.

    then again, most administrations have never give a rat’s behind about what the people want.

  4. nah, a republican will win…huckabee. he’s got chuck norris behind him, so he can’t lose. has anyone else seen that recently? it obviously explains his huge boost in the iowa polls. yeah, i know, chuck norris. the guy is obviously behind the times.

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