Audio Blog….Testing 1,2,3!


I got a new microphone. Here is little audio blog to test it out.


4 thoughts on “Audio Blog….Testing 1,2,3!

  1. This is great news. You know I was a big fan of theohacks. So I will definitely be listing to a new podcast if you decide to do one. btw, the quality of the recording seems pretty good. Is the mic omni-directional? it would probably be good for interviews and “on location” podcasting.

  2. Nice! It really does sound pretty decent. Out of curiosity, did you run this right into Garageband and add a little compression?

    Btw, The Bends is what hooked me on Radiohead back in the day… vinyl has gotta sound great with that gritty album.


  3. HEY!

    i was just looking into one of these little bad boys for “acoustic demo/idea charting” type things.

    what turned you onto them?

    was it the fact that apple store had them online for pretty cheap on black friday? [timing is merely the source of my guess here!]

  4. bam- yeah i ran it right into garageband. I used a little compression and bumped up some high end. i’m gonna try use it as a mono room mic to record a drum kit. i’m curious how well it will translate.

    justin-i’ve heard decent things about the blue mics before and i really liked the idea of having a decent condenser that I could use without an mbox/protools set up. my wife had an appt at the genius bar and while I waited I checked it out and was seduced. and the price just dropped from$200 to $100.

    i’m guessing it will work really well for recording any kind of acoustic guitar or singing. here is a thread on gearslutz that discusses the mic:

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