Bizarre Literary Moments that Involve Me.

I am a big fan of Ken Wilber. If you don’t know who Ken Wilber is, he’s one of the more well respected American philosophers living today. Read more about him here. I’ve written about various books of his on my blog before. His book “A Brief History of Everything” totally floored me.

What’s totally bizarre is that in his novel “Boomeritis” he mentions the band I play in and names some of our songs. Here’s the quote:

“Jimmy Eat World is playing ‘Caveman’ and ‘Robot Factory,’ and the thump thump thumping pounds a brain too jagged”

To give you a frame of reference for how cool this is for me, imagine if you were a Biola student and John Piper mentions in one of his books the persuasive essay you wrote in your sophomore year about how homosexuality is a sin regardless of what Brian McLaren might think. 😉 It’s THAT cool.

But not as cool as this youtube clip of Wilber stopping his brain waves.


8 thoughts on “Bizarre Literary Moments that Involve Me.

  1. that’s pretty effin’ cool! and i love your comparison. now here’s the clincher: when was the last time Jimmy Eat World played either of those songs? do you guys even do much of the Static Prevails tunes anymore?

  2. taylor, you’d have to ask him. i didn’t mean to imply that’s his position. it’s just a typical point of contention with many that don’t like McLaren……that he won’t take a position one way or the other. i on the other hand like that he gives the issue some space. but that’s not the point of the post i guess.

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