MLS is Awesome


I was lucky enough to stroll the sideline of the MLS Cup this past weekend. I got to say, the game was a blast and I’m now a converted MLS fan, even though PHX doesn’t have a team. i got some sweet close-up shots. This one was my best effort of the day.


3 thoughts on “MLS is Awesome

  1. Nice shot! I really enjoy MLS games when I get the chance. I’ve seen a couple games up in Chicago and one out in LA now. I just need to get up to a game here in the DFW area.

  2. That is a great shot!

    I did some high school sports shooting and this one definitely would’ve been a keeper.

    That Nikon looks like a fine camera and only @ 1/1000 of a second @ 5.6 f stop with a 280 ISO it must’ve been a bright day. Despite some photographer friend saying go with Canon, I’m thinkin’ Nikon ain’t doin’ too bad.

  3. Hmm… our MLS export couldn’t prevent us from failing to qualify for Euro ’08 last night, despite one wonder cross from him, we lost 3-2 to Croatia. Sorry stuff!

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