The Office


Almost home…….I can taste the turkey already.

16 thoughts on “The Office

  1. Hey Zach,

    I am leaving for omaha tonight to see you guys play… i am looking forward to it… i had to get tickets through a creighton student… there were no other close places to see you on your tour…

    aight, god bless… and my rockies got dominated by the red socks…

  2. randy, i’m always up for some drum talk!

    the snare in that picture is a 7×14 dw edge snare. it is part brass and part maple shell. it is fairly new but i’m really loving it.

    as far as what i use in the studio, it depends on the song.

  3. 7…pretty deep then. I haven’t checked out the new album if its out yet. I’ll have to do that.

    I remember when your come back album(as i like to call it) came out I loved the depth of the snare. It didn’t sound like a pencil hitting a piece of paper(Think 311). It had meat to it.

    My drummer friends(there are many) have been on an endless quest to find the vintage deep snare tone(pink floyd, air). Any suggestions?

  4. well, there is a song on our new album, gotta be somebody’s blues. it has that sound. i got it with a 6.5 inch deep brass drum, tuned down a bit, with quite a bit of tape. it also had a 42 strand snare on it. hit it with the butt of the stick. i’ve treated a few of my deeper metal snares this way with pretty much similar results.

  5. In regard to public displays of the faith: I think it is all about intent. I remember Sharon(my wife) and I went to a church in Mesa, which will remain nameless to protect the guilty. We were new visitors to the church, with the uneasy new church vibe. My only thought in the beginning was: are they Falwell people, Robertson people? Before we knew it, a marine with a shaven head was pulling me by the arm, demanding that we go to the alter call. I thought it was more fun to be only two ‘unmoved’ by the message. It was then about shock and awe. But I think your point is an important one. What is the intent of the message? If a rock star decides that this may be only time that certain individuals will hear a testimony–then maybe that’s ok. I might suggest, though, that these testimonies don’t really do much in the way of changing people. It might be positive for the person giving the message in that they profess their faith with the potential of being ridiculed. But that is self serving in an ironic sense as well. The bottom line is the intention behind the message still.

    You make a good point in how the human ego gets in the way of spiritual truth. The scary part is that political parties use spiritual paradigms to promote militarism, greed and self interest–all under the guise of Christ. Intent is everything. This might be why we have such disagreement between progressives and conservative christians–how we disagree with the intent of the message.

  6. yo mark. thanks for the comment bro. as we speak i’m listening to the “darkness on the edge of town” lp (that you gave me if i remember right) on my new record player! thanks man.

  7. hey man. i went to your concert at creighton the other night. good stuff. i snuck in. i paid, but i wasn’t a creighton student (i was sweatin’ bullets – no joke) it was a good show. the one you played at the slowdown in omaha was better, in all honesty.

    you guys ever thinking of recordin’ your new version of the song with the lyrics, “you rip my heart right out?”

    do they have chipotle in arizona? cause they had it in omaha, and that was another factor of me coming to omaha… what a great evening: good music and good food.

    keep making great music

  8. yeah, I think that was it. Great album. I think Bruce’s new album is great, but it’s always tough to top Darkness or Born to Run–who could really? I talked to Stephanie and she told me about the blog and your new church–I had been meaning to call you since I saw that you had read God’s Politics–the only thing I don’t like about the book is that I feel like I wanted to write something like it. Too busy chasing Aidan around and teaching writing–ironic eh? There is a great quote by woody allen: those that can’t do, teach; those that can teach, teach gym–love that. Shoot me an email at some point, we’ll get the families together. I want to hear about the new church-we have been looking for something like it–sharon and I will be moving to central phx soon, and I will be taking a position in an inner city school next year. looking to put the suburbs behind us.

  9. Even intention doesn’t really answer the questions posed. If this kid is “living” Jesus then likely some of it will bleed into the music, no? So if he is just talking about his songs then yeah it makes sense to talk about Jesus. Just like any other artist discussing his craft. (i.e. The drum discussion above.)
    However if his songs are never in reflection of his faith and he just busted out like mentioned I’d likely be thinking, “What the hell?”. But thats just me.
    It may be the same feeling as going to a Gwar concert and seeing a Baptist Church Hand Bell choir. Not exactly what you paid for.
    Imagine going to a

  10. Yeah, Randy I agree with you. Your point of inconsistency is true. I suppose I just overlooked it because I agree with you how bizarre it is(and that was Zach’s pt) One begs the question: why bother at the end of your show as an after thought? I think that the same point of intention could be appropriate in the band’s music. Are you modeling Chrisitianity through the music? If not, then an after thought testimony is indeed bizarre. I was a young life leader and that went on there a little bit. We sang “sweet caroline” and then followed it up with a talk about the gospel.(we werent chummy drunks then) It’s different in that most of the students knew the gospel was coming, but some didnt I suppose. My point about intention is for those who think you need to be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ and then by doing that, people might listen to a testimony from a rock star that they ignored in church. There seems to be something disingenous about this–a kind of bait and switch. Thus, back to what motivates. This is part of what pains me about some of the high production mega churches–very performance oriented.

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