I have to admit, if I were a pastor…….

……I’d do something like this. In addition, if I were president, I’d also make kicking the chair in front of you at a movie theater a misdemeanor. I think that’s why I relate to Walter Sobchack(naughty language alert!) so well.

(HT: Andrew Sullivan)


5 thoughts on “I have to admit, if I were a pastor…….

  1. awesome! I would do something very similar as well. In fact I have seriously looked at getting a cell phone jammer and just leaving it turned on somewhere on my person at all times to create a cell free barrier wherever I go.

  2. Hi,

    Found your blog via pomomusings. In the animation of one of my favorite scenes from Lebowski, is it me or does the dude bear a striking resemblance to Jesus… hmmmm.

    Also, when a cell phone goes off in classes I teach I usually threated to answer on their behalf as an alernative to our pastor here. That works well enough…

    I also like Dustin’s idea. Worth pondering. Would be funny to flip on in an NYC restaurant just to watch everyone freak out at their cell service!


  3. I did something like this in a message I gave once. . . it was set up before hand, but no one else knew that. Looking back, I wonder about half of everything I taught in a faith community.

  4. Hey Zach, just came back from the show in Baltimore, and I just wanted to say you guys were awesome. unfortunately rick was in front of you pretty much the whole time. haha.
    I was digging the big ballad snare. why didnt you use the bell brass for the main snare?

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