TP and the HB

I just watched Peter Bogdanovich’s new film about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers last night. If you are at all a fan of the great TP, then do yourself a huge favor and pick up the dvd (and don’t mess around, get the 4 disc version). the impact of Mr. Petty on the world of American Rock is often grossly underestimated. I think this film recaptures his importance in a very authentic way.

I woke up today in the mood for some Petty…enjoy!

5 thoughts on “TP and the HB

  1. Zach,

    I just caught you guys in DC tonight and it was an amazing show. Thank you guys so much for what you do. When I saw you walk through the crowd, I wanted to be funny and tell you that I was there to review the show for Slice of Laodecia, but I held back. Just out of curiousity, who’s little scooter was in the tractor trailer? Do you guys get a chance to check out the local scenery very often?

    Thanks again!

  2. hey rob, thanks for coming out to the show. we had a great time. if you would have told me that you were there with Slice, that would have been funny…

    that’s my scooter. i get a chance now and then to cruise around.

  3. Zach, Hey I just saw you in DC last night. It was such great music – I love that you played 23 and a few songs from clarity as well. It was cool meeting you after the show (i asked if you ever played ‘closer’ but you said no) and wanted to thank you for your music. Sorry to post a comment on a TP blog, but just wanted to communicate that I love your work.

    p.s. do you or the boys play halo online?

  4. Zach, The DVD is excellent! (It was even better live) I would say they are one of the most under_rated bands in American History. Again thanks for the Tix, the best I have seen you guys, since seven mary 3.


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