Freddy is First on Ava’s First iPod

I recently received an ipod nano as a gift. I ended up giving it to my 6 year old daughter, Ava. For some strange reason Ava requested that the first song she wanted on her nano was Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (maybe my wife has been rocking some “Queen” in the car while I’ve been gone on tour). I was really surprised because Ava usually is requesting High School Musical or Hannah Montana……needless to say, it was a proud moment. The best sound I’ve ever heard was Ava singing along, with headphones on butchering all the lyrics until the chorus hits…..”WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!!”. priceless. after the song we had a little heart to heart about how Freddy Mercury was probably the best rock singer ever. I had to break it to her that Freddy is no longer with us, and she was pretty bummed. RIP Freddy.


5 thoughts on “Freddy is First on Ava’s First iPod

  1. Just like to say, I just found this blog after looking around for Rob Bell stuff (and subsequently finding your interview). Thanks for being a blessing dude, and I will stay tuned to this site.

    Also, Freddy is second in the rock singer list…..only to Bono. But that’s just me……

  2. Oh man, I wonder what else your wife and kids are jamming out to when you are not gone? that is classic.

    I have four young daughters, I would love it if they were listening to Queen. Until then, it is Hannah Montana and the rest of that crew.

  3. Sweet. RIP Freddie indeed.

    But strong words calling him the greatest, particularly when there’s the likes of Jeff Buckley, Bobby Plant, Jim Adkins, Chad Kroeger… but anyway isn’t this a bit patronising? After all she’s the one singing on major releases, she should tell you – you’re just a drummer :p

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