Good Weekend to be an AZ Jock

First was ASU’s win on the road at Washington State to remain undefeated, 6-0. Shortly after that was the D-Backs win over the Cubs to complete the clean sweep, advancing to the NLCS. Last but not least, and possibly the most unbelievable, the Cardinals win on the road (finally) to put them at 3-2 and in FIRST PLACE in their division. I don’t think that’s happened since I’ve been alive.

Apologies to those of you who have the unfortunate position of rooting for any of these teams that have been dominated by the fine state of Arizona.


15 thoughts on “Good Weekend to be an AZ Jock

  1. Maybe the new album next Tuesday will help soothe the wounds of those us in the “unfortunate position of rooting” for the whipping boys for your DBacks.

  2. Jim, that’s all you got? let’s see here…..

    1. Dbacks (most wins in the NL)
    2. Nash and Amare (can you say MVP twice?)
    3. Mountains (AZ has mountains too….they’re not the Rockies, but they exist and are much cheaper to ski on.)
    4. AZ folks don’t live in the past. 😉

  3. I met a girl on holiday this year who’s got me into the Carolina Panthers via Facebook. So we’ll see who’s happy next weekend :p

  4. 1. dbacks do have better jersies than the rockies
    2. nash is the man (but only cause he played for the canadian national soccer team)… iverson was an mvp, plus melo was the USA mvp…
    3. yes, mts in colorado are expensive to enjoy… Arizona has snow? i always assumed it was a giant desert…
    4. You can never escape the helicopter dive of Elway…
    5. The name Arizona doesn’t sound as cool as Colorado…

    that is all i have…

  5. Well “my” team may have beaten yours, but your job beats mine. Just picked up CTL on the way home, parked down my road with the stereo up 🙂 Sounding great so far mate, really strong hooks, your drums sounding big as ever.

    All the best with it. Hope to see you guys again when you hit London, or Brighton if you get the chance, couple of suitable venues and its a nice place, particularly if you’re over in summer. Good luck on tour

  6. Zach,next time you are in Vancouver I will take you to a hockey game. Your life will be changed forever. I don’t want to use the “Saul on the road to Emmaus…” metaphor, but seriously, hockey. You’ll never look back.

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