And the award for “way too much free time on their hands” goes to……

and the winner is……..some dude named Ken.

i still have no clue as to why these people are concerned about anything having to do with me. on the bright side for me…..the more irked evangelical fundamentalists get by me, the less doubt I have that I’m headed in the right general direction. if anyone else wants to get on their hit list, apparently all you have to do is hang out with me. i’m glad i could be of service to rob and tony.

it was pretty nice of them to put up a youtube clip of us though. we can use all the promo we can get! i’d return the favor, but couldn’t find any clips of Ken on youtube…..bummer.


15 thoughts on “And the award for “way too much free time on their hands” goes to……

  1. I’ve been to his website a few times.
    i have sometimes counted the typo-s in his post and wanted to send him a nice comment/email letting him know which word was misspelled in which sentence BUT i would use his misspelled words to tell him so!
    I am surly!

    Seriously though Zach, congrats on having some evangelical hating you 🙂


  2. Sorry man…for the post now in your Admin box, that I tried to post a coupla times, to no avail. Now apparently it’s marked as “Spam.” Enlargement pills it ain’t..!

  3. weird . . . i don’t get why you were anywhere on the post, either.

    But, i hadn’t seen that clip before, so it was worth the price of admission, at least.

  4. *bowing*

    Thank you so much Zach, all seriousness aside, I’m deeply moved.

    *taking my award*

    So I’d like to thank all the little people who helped along the way. And as Jimi Hendrix would say, “Blah, blah, whoop, whoop.” 🙂

  5. Ken,

    you need to get something up on youtube so I can graciously return your favor! Maybe do a rap about how “you gotta be trippin'” if you “down wit” contemplative mysticism. Maybe you could start a hip hop rivalry with Richard Rohr (“he trippin’ hard, yo”) or any Franciscan Monk of your choice….i might even pay to download something so grand.

    Just and idea…..


  6. Zach,

    Ah-ite cuz. I see what I can do to B representun’ my homiez round da funadmental hood yo.

    Sho’ b fine to have some product up on YouTube next 2 your boy Rob comin’ straight outta G-Rap, know what I’m sayin’ dawg?

    peace out…

  7. I don’t know if any one saw it, but the reason the bridge collapsed in Minnesota was because god was getting even with the people who stole signs from the ‘god hates fags’ guy.

    Yup, sounds like the loving God I know.

  8. FYI Boys,

    *psst* (whispering) I won’t trouble you again here but just wanted you to know that – “the ‘god hates fags’ guy” – the people I work with and me are not anywhere near Phelpsville. k?

    I’m as much a “fundamentalist” as Rob Bell is “emergent.” Last I knew, neither of us claim either descriptor. Prayerfully this helps peace.

  9. Ken, very nice….i knew you had it in you. You are so O.G..

    also, ken, there are several regular commenters on this blog who aren’t Christian or sympathetic to conservative religiosity of any kind. you’ve attempted to respond to two of them so I’m afraid it may not be worth your time.

    I may not agree with a good deal with your approach to being a Christian, but I certainly do not view as the same as the Phelpsville people. And I don’t think Keith, who likely has no idea who you are, was trying to lump you in either.

    Thanks for your comments and showing us your more “gangsta” side. you’re welcome to comment any time you like.


  10. wait, so the guy is trying to throw the emergent church under the bus and puts up a great clip of you guys? after watching the video, i’m confused, but oddly satisfied.

  11. hilarious Zach…you are headed down the right path as you said.

    if you type a few key names in any blog post you will be sure to get certain members of the blogging world after you…

    i have found that if you mention people like John MacArthur, John Piper or certain members of evangelicalism (in any negative light–or you disagree with them)…they all come after you.

    on another note…your safari looked great

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