On my way to South Africa

I’m currently at Heathrow Airport enjoying a 6 hour layover. I just got off a 10 hour flight and I now wait to enjoy one more 10 hour flight to Jo-burg. I am beyond pumped up to experience my first trip to the African continent. I’m planning on snapping a ton of photos and I’ll post them throughout the trip.

(memo to europe: wifi is not that expensive. it should be free….or at least not $15 per hour, especially in airport lounges. i will now proceed to consume at least $20 worth of free beverages in the lounge to make up for this injustice.)


4 thoughts on “On my way to South Africa

  1. zach, when you’re on the ground in jo-burg, find yourself some grapetiser, it is glorious. africa will be amazing for you, i’ve spent time in namibia the past couple of summers… my heart is in africa.

  2. 10 hours…how long does dramamine last? 🙂

    How do you guys get your equipment over there? I know I am thinking small scale here, but it seems like getting a drum kit to Africa would be kind of a PIA

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