Truck Stop Genius

img00120.jpg img00121.jpg

Something about these shirts makes me want to start singing the “Team America” theme.


13 thoughts on “Truck Stop Genius

  1. So am I to assume you are not the ‘Freedom Rider’ I thought you were? It think that should be uniform for your whole tour party.

  2. I think the classiest of them all is that Lord’s Gym shirt. Any one know what I’m talking about?

    Zach, did you ever get a chance to check out that EP?

  3. I’ve got to know – was this at a ‘Flying J’ ?

    Those are my favorite. Don’t forget to get your truck washed and your hair cut while you’re there. Some of them even have a sweet massage parlor.

    durka durk Allah!!

  4. i was driving up to michigan with some friends, and stopped at the quote: “worlds largest truck stop.”

    This truck stop was huge: it had an emboidery station, an electronic station the size of a best buy…

    you could buy guitars and banjos, violins and keyboards there in their music section…

    they had a rack full of confederate flags… they had a hair cutting place, a dentist, a taco bell, a whole area for big rigs to get huge lights installed… as I was walking out I came across some of those shirts… Me being a Christian, I was way offended… I don’t know about you, but I don’t understand how we could take Jesus and compare him to a starbucks corp and sell it as a shirt… there was one I saw that said, “Jesus died for MYSPACE in heaven.” I gotta tell ya, it is disturbing…. i took some pics of the shirts… i showed them to some of my Christ following friends, we laughed at them…

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