It’s easy to support a war when you’re not the one having to fight…..

the young neocons of the future show us, with straight faces, how easy it is…..

I love the bit where one of the kids suggests that America “can’t stomach” the war in Iraq…then he fumbles to find any kind of reason why he hasn’t enlisted. Priceless.

In some ways I can’t really blame these kids. They are simply walking the same path as their leaders, our president and vice president who were able to avoid the messiness of actually taking part in active duty during war time. It’s easy to see how the success and influence of their political heroes would rub off on the young ones.

And is it me, or has Tom Delay completely lost his mind?


8 thoughts on “It’s easy to support a war when you’re not the one having to fight…..

  1. when the rubber meets the road, you will die for the things you truly believe in. conservatives, liberals, it doesnt matter. no one wants to die in that war. it makes me also realize how we justify the things we do or dont do in our lives.

    I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.
    – George McGovern

    peace zach.

    ps – he didnt help his case by actiing like a moron at the end. other than that, that was cool.

  2. As an outside observer to the American situation (from Canada) I think both sides the Republican supporters and the Democrat supporters have lost their minds. It’s not even about Iraq anymore, it’s about beating the other the side and making them look stupid no matter the cost.

  3. no, no Dustin. We call that democracy. lol. this is where no one cares about the truth. we just care about being right. i dont care which side of the isle you sit on.
    we have truly lost ourselves.

  4. i think regards to this issue, the american public are certainly not lost. the majority of americans don’t approve of or support the failed war policy of our president. i would agree that the democrats have not executed their opposition to the presidents policy in a perfect manner, but I think they are at least pointing in the right direction as far as their efforts to force a debate about withdrawing the troops from the region. I certainly wouldn’t categorize the Dems position as them “losing their minds”. There are also several Republican lawmakers who are opposed to the presidents policy and are making noise about getting the troops out of Iraq. the ones truly lost on this issue are the ones to insist on blindly following the leadership of our president and vice president.

  5. Yeah, I did some math on my blog the other day based on the recent all-nighter vote in the Senate.

    American people who favor a withdrawal is almost 70%. Republican Senators who favor a withdrawal (4) is 8%. So much for a representative government. Towing the party line has never been so disgusting.

  6. Yeah, Tom DeLay made a horrible showing…In syllogistic form:

    If abortion were outlawed, then we would have 40 million Americans.

    If we had 40 million Americans, then we wouldn’t need 40 million illegal immigrants to do certain jobs.
    ***(implied premise: the american need for workers is the cause of our immigration woes)

    Therefore, if abortion were outlawed,then we would have solved the illegal immigration issue.

    Wow, there are so many fallacies in that argument, I don’t even know where to begin.

    The sad thing to me is that it isn’t even really an argument against abortion per se, it is an argument that outlawing abortion would be more advantageous for our society. Is that compassionate conservatism? SHOULDN’T WE WANT TO OUTLAW ABORTION BECAUSE ABORTION IS EVIL AND NOT BECAUSE ABORTION IS HARMFUL TO OUR ECONOMY?

    In fact, outlawing abortion might be bad for our economy. The reality is that many aborted babies come from low-income minority situations (surprise! That has been Planned Parenthood’s aim all along). If these 40 million people existed on this side of eternity they could be quite a financial burden. Welfare, the medical establishment, and our already drained school systems would suffer.

    Yeah, so we’ll never be able to fight for the rights of the unborn with these fallaciously studid pragmatic arguments. I hope Christians won’t jump on board with this type of thing.

    The unborn deserve to live because they have been created in the image of God. Killing them is wrong because they are as essentially human as anyone else in existence. Further, if it continues to be legal to exterminate them, then for us to be logically consistent we would have to legalize the extermination of babies up until their 9th month OUT of the womb. And, voila, reductio ad absurdum, the argument falls.

    Thanks for providing this video. Sorry this comment is so long!

  7. Doug, well said. I’d also add that Tom Delay’s theory doesn’t include the many unwanted orphans in this country. Maybe he’d like to put them to work in the crops.

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